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Second Opinions - General Radiology

Make the Best Decisions for Your Health

Every patient deserves to feel confident that they took the necessary steps to receive the best and most appropriate care. Did you know that insurance covers second opinions if they’re requested by a physician? Equip yourself to make informed decisions that can have long-term consequences, and gain more knowledge of your condition and your options.

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Why Choose Midwest Radiology?

Midwest Radiology is uniquely positioned to provide you with the highest quality of care. We perform a high volume of second opinion readings for a wide range of conditions. We provide comprehensive radiology services from more than 160 radiologists who rank among Minnesota’s top board-certified, fellowship-trained, subspecialty-imaging experts. These highly trained specialists carefully evaluate each case using evidence-based standards. This results in superior quality interpretations that are always accurate.

It Makes Sense to Get a Second Opinion

When you’re faced with a medical condition that is life-changing or even life-threatening, second opinions help ensure that you have been diagnosed appropriately and that you receive the most appropriate treatment plan. A second opinion may help eliminate the need for unnecessary invasive procedures or surgery.

  • Avoid Misdiagnosis - Getting a second opinion can help to reduce the potentially serious and costly effects of a misdiagnosis.
  • Get Options - There is more than one way to treat an illness. A different perspective can open up your alternative treatment options.
  • Peace of Mind - Patients who receive second opinions often better understand their diagnosis, treatment and options for a provider.

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